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Sunstream FloatLift™
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The Solar Powered Sunstream FloatLift
The Solar Powered Sunstream FloatLift
Note the solar panels on the top of the dock box.
Features & Benefits
  • Your boat remains close to the water, not in the air on pilings blocking your view of the water
  • No pilings required - tie it in your slip as you would a boat
  • No permits required - it is not permanently installed
  • No power required - self contained solar energy pack operates the lift
  • No dock lines to tie and adjust
  • No maintenance - hydraulic operation
  • Extremely reliable
  • Local Services provided by Sunstream of New Jersey
  • Easy to relocate if you wanted to move
  • High resale value - retains resale value
  • Fast to launch and recover - 30 seconds
  • Remote controls
This item is large and is not usually shipped.

Detailed Description
The Sunstream FloatLift™ is the leading floating boat lift worldwide. It has set a higher standard with incredible speed, unsinkable floats, remote-control, and solar charging which requires no shore power to operate.

The FloatLift is tied into the boat slip as you would tie your boat with two dock lines to a floating dock or four dock lines if you wish to use two lines on each side, bow and stern. A remote control, easily carried in your pocket, is provided which can be used to activate the lift which completely removes your boat from the water in 30 seconds or launches your boat into the water in 30 seconds. Click here to see a video of the FloatLift™ in operation.

When in the up or stored position, the FloatLift™ marine aluminum frame as well as your boat (and the inboard propellers or outboard engines) remain completely out of the water. The FloatLift™ foam filled floats can remain in the water year round and if you have calm water conditions at your waterfront you may winterize and shrink wrap your boat leaving, it on the FloatLift™ until the next season arrives. This allows you to have complete control on when your boat is stored and returned to active use.

The FloatLift™ is powered by a dock box that contains a 12 volt battery, charged by solar panels on the dock box lid. The batteries power a hydraulic activated system which comprised of an electric motor and a hydraulic pump / system filled with vegetable based hydraulic fluid eliminating environmental issues should there be an accidental spill.

FloatLift™ is an environmentally safe boat lift that is self contained and easily moved.

The size of the FloatLift™ is based completely on the boat's weight, not length. The size options are 6,000 or 10,000 or 13,000 or 15,000 lbs. A minimal slip 12’ wide and a water depth of 3’ are required to allow the lift to operate properly.

Additional Information

Ease of use
Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from the helm of the boat provides ultimate convenience and safety. The FloatLift launches in seconds instead of minutes.

Peace of mind
The FloatLift's unsinkable floats, and GravityLock; over-center design prevents the boat from accidentally lowering.

Portable and versatile
Just tie the FloatLift to a dock or a mooring. The hydraulics run off a battery charged by solar or AC power. The revolutionary design allows for use in shallow water.

Cover option
Reduce your maintenance ever further by adding a HoverCover to the FloatLift. The HoverCover fits tightly to the boat by lowering as the boat rises.

Sunstream Corp.
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Sunstream FloatLift™ Video.

Contact Us
Call us at 800-654-8168 for more information or drop an email to Samantha Ambrose any time.