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Why No Other Dock Ladder Can Compare

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What makes FloatStep® different from all other dock ladders?
Any ladder left in the water deteriorates due to elements or marine growth. While fresh water is not as harsh on wood or metal ladders, they still suffer from varying degrees of decomposition and marine growth depending on the water conditions. People have tried treated lumber to slow down the decay of the ladder. While this is harmful to the environment and illegal in many states and may decrease the rate of decay, the ladder parts remaining in the water still decompose and attract marine life.

Metal ladders are subject to corrosion in fresh water as well as attract marine growth. How many times do you remember someone stepping on ladders that remain in the water and either slip or simply complain about the slimy surface? The cuts and splinters often become infected due to the growth on the ladder itself. When you are in a salt water environment the problems of corrosion and marine growth are more extreme and accelerated. In many cases electrolysis adds to the rate of corrosion.

  • No slipping on slimy surfaces
  • No cuts from marine growth or splinters with related infections
  • No difficulty in reaching the ladder from the water in case of an emergency, unlike other ladders that are pulled up and locked or flipped up on the dock
  • Traditional ladders need to be replaced often
  • Your children cannot forget to remove the ladder when they are done using it - the FloatStep® Ladder removes itself
  • FloatStep® ladders are an investment that pays several times over traditional ladders and while more expensive initially, cost much less over a lifetime
  • Clean ladder steps and handles without the messy marine growth that no one wishes to touch or step on
  • Fabricated with industry standard 6000 series aluminum
  • TIG welded for maximum strength and durability
  • Low profile to minimize interference with vessel
  • The FloatStep® float, with Integrated Drain Technology, is made from high density plastic and acts as the bottom step of the ladder
  • High quality plastic bushings allow for a smooth, effortless track system
  • Easily stored in the up position or removed when the season is over