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The Award Winning Patent Pending FloatStep® Ultimate Dock Safety Ladder

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The most remarkable and outstanding marine dock ladder available today designed for use on floating docks, fixed docks and bulkheads. The frequent response from most Boat Show, Trade Show and Marine Related exhibit attendees that discover the FloatStep Ladder is “finally, someone has solved all the problems”.

Whether you have tried wood ladders or metal ladders the problems are always the same - marine growth which attaches to a ladder that remains in the water plus the deterioration of the wood or metal ladder due to the elements or conditions in the water. For decades ladder manufacturers have tried several different approaches to prevent these two problems, first by modifying the fixed ladder to either pull up with some form of locking mechanism or folding the ladder in an upright position on the dock's surface. The continued issues created when someone forgets to pull the ladder out of the water after use or the inability to reach the ladder while in the raised or up position from the water in an emergency situation is cause for safety concern.

The last thing you want is to not be able to access the ladder from the water in an emergency!

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Electrolysis is a significant issue on many waterfronts. Barnacles and marine growth cause cuts and infections on bare feet and legs. Marine slime is something that no one enjoys and is also a safety hazard. FloatStep® solves all problems by providing a ladder that automatically removes itself from the water when not in use BUT is always available from the water in an emergency!

All ladder rungs are free of hazardous marine growth and you eliminate electrolysis and corrosion which extends the life of you ladder significantly. Whether you need a ladder for a wood or metal floating dock or a manufactured dock FloatStep® is the answer. If you need to access the water from a bulkhead or fixed dock FloatStep® provides ladders up to ten steps in length, all with the float under the bottom step that automatically removes your ladder from the water when not in use, it never forgets!

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While more expensive than traditional ladders the unmatched safety, quality and extended life makes your investment pay back several times over versus replacing traditional ladders year after year.

The FloatStep® Difference:
  • Fabricated with industry standard 6000 series aluminum.
  • TIG welded for maximum strength and durability.
  • Low profile to minimize interference with vessel.
  • The FloatStep® float, with Integrated Drain Technology, is made from high density plastic and acts as the bottom step of the ladder.
  • High quality plastic bushings allow for a smooth, effortless track system.
The FloatStep® Ladder is designed and manufactured by Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products.